Selecting the right freelancer is an important decision. You want your communications to be effective, carefully planned, aligned with your objectives, and full of impact. Debbie delivers these results, providing you with powerful communication materials that convey your message and move your readers to action.

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Sustainability articles
Professional Services
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Travel writer
  Join the Sharing Society   Management Consulting Point of View: Fast Food Lean   White Papers: 3D Printing, Software-defined Networking   Travel Blog  

“The sharing society offers us a path into a healthier, more sustainable economy, along with new opportunities for creative collaboration and business ideas.” Read on to learn how borrowing can be better than buying.


According to a national consulting firm, smart organizations avoid rushing through their Lean implementations. Instead they take a healthier "slow-food" approach to organizational change to achieve results.


Edited a series of technology-focused white papers covering emerging trends, including 3D printing, software-defined networking, API enablement and collaborative work models.


What's better than writing for a living? Combining traveling with really feel like you're living. Read about Debbie's recent adventures and experiences in her travel blog.

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