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Jelly frog


I attended another ranger talk tonight, this one about how the bison, bears, elk, wolves, coyotes and other animals in Yellowstone survive the long winters. If I understood the ranger correctly, when one frog species senses winter is approaching, it actually changes its cellular structure to a gelatinous state so that it won’t freeze solid in the mud.

Seriously? That is so cool.

I assume evolution somehow allows the frogs to change back in time for the spring thaw so that they can hop off in search of mosquitoes and the like.

Speaking of jelly, I sort of feel like my mind has turned a bit soft, due to travel experience saturation or TES. You’d think with all this extra time, I’d practice things that make me a better, more spiritual person—things like more yoga, better eating habits, bold decisions about my life. Instead, I’m in a free flow mode….simply fulfilling basic needs and taking in experiences as they come. I suppose that’s a victory in itself as it’s so rare that I get to do this.

At the same time, it’s a reminder that I have to take my travel in doses. In fact, on my next trip, I hope to have a home base from which I can practice my good-for-me daily activities with some diligence and then make excursions into the yonder.

Spa anyone?


Today we stopped at Mud Volcano on our way into Yellowstone. While I’d like to write something deep and meaningful about the relationship between life and what transpired to create this unusual geologic formation, all I can think about is making an appointment for a facial when I get back home.