Customized Home Electricity Reports Save Money, Energy

Utilities and energy providers across the nation are turning to personalized home electricity reports to help customers save energy and money on their utility bills, while helping reduce carbon emissions.

by Debbie Van Der Hyde
December 5th, 2011, Sierra Club Green Home

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These easy-to-understand reports provide participating customers with information about their energy use compared to neighbors with homes of similar square footage and heat type. Some reports include a progress tracker to see how a homeowner’s energy use changes over time.

Many reports also offer personalized tips, including no- to low-cost improvements to help customers make their home more efficient and save money. Examples include unplugging cell phone wall chargers when not in use, putting outdoors lights on timers, hanging laundry to dry, or buying an energy-efficient refrigerator if the old one stops working.

The science behind the reports is the growing field of behavior-based energy management—what some utilities describe as the new frontier of conservation.

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