Video Scripts

Images are powerful, especially when combined with words to make your point.

Here are a few instances where Debbie developed video scripts to meet a specific client need:

  • Telestration video for search provider - For a global Internet search company, wrote a script for a telestration video (freehand sketch over images) describing client's specific capabilities, skills, and team approach to service delivery. The video was a component of a RFP response.
  • Typography video for 4G provider - For a national 4G service provider, wrote the script for a typography video that manipulated words (size, shape, color, and movement of text--all set to custom music)-- to convey the message. The video summarized the content of a corresponding client value report.
  • Global Sourcing video - Created a script to describe a global sourcing company's pioneering approach and distinctive outsourcing capabilities to a global workforce.
  • Meet the Artist video - For Andrew Carson Kinetic Sculpture, directed artist and customer interviews, developed concepts and wrote the script for a video introduction to this artist's unique work.

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