Electronic and Paper Brochures

A well-written brochure is one of your most powerful marketing tools. It can impart information, showcase a product or service, or persuade your audience to buy.

Clients of all shapes and sizes have turned to Debbie to assist with their brochure needs, including:

  • NEW--Data Quality and Master Data Management sales brochures—Developed two sales sheets describing a client's unique capabilities in information management.
  • Testing brochure—Wrote a brochure highlighting the differentiating aspects of a client’s application testing practice.
  • Performance Engineering brochure--Drafted content for Flash-enabled brochures about a consulting company's performance engineering, testing, and diagnostic services.
  • Global Delivery Network brochures--Wrote a series of two-page sales sheets describing the unique characteristics of delivery centers operated by a global services company.
  • eBook--Helped develop a 20-page eBook with interactive text and embedded video for a global high-tech company.

Here are samples of brochures that Debbie worked on—from conceptual phase to finished product.

Montessori School Brochure

Marketing Brochure Development

Sculpture Artist Catalog Copy Development

Overview Brochure for Environmental Consulting Firm

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